Dmitry Shashkov

DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer

From the start in IT as QA Automation Engineer I was mainly focused on automating routine stuff and dealing with the infrastructure, so it was natural for me to transition into DevOps field after some time. Now I help to create CI/CD processes for cloud-native applications that make development experience easier, cut cost and ensure availability.

Nizhny Novgorod
linkedin @dmitry.shashkov


Orion Innovation

DevOps Engineer Mar 2017 - Present

Developing and supporting CI/CD infrastructure and assisting with migrating applications to the cloud

  • Managing the small team of DevOps engineers
  • Application migration from on-premises docker swarm to AWS Fargate
  • Setting up infrastructure as code (CDK) for number of web applications using AWS CloudFront
  • Creating and supporting the infrastructure for small serverless application using AWS and serverless framework
  • K8S operations: GKE, Knative, Kong, Istio
  • Creating and support of CI/CD infrastructure: Jenkins, Gitlab-CI and Tekton
  • Creating Ansible playbooks for infrastructure management and application deployment
  • Setting up small infrastructure monitoring system with Prometheus + Grafana
  • Some experience with nodejs development (adapting services to the cloud environment during the migration)


QA Automation Engineer Jul 2015 - Feb 2017

Writing and performing automated tests and dealing with corresponding infrastructure

  • Writing and supporting automatic E2E tests written in JavaScript+Protractor
  • Uplifting and supporting infrastructure for automatic testing (Selenium hub + browser containers in Docker swarm)
  • Adapting test strategy due to changes in application architecture (moving to microservices)
  • Creating and supporting automatic functional tests written in Java
  • Experience with network protocols: LACP, VRRP, BGP, RSTP (L2-L3 of the OSI model)
  • Some experience with traffic generators and Wireshark
  • Experience with Linux


Ansible, Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Prometheus, Tekton
Docker, Swarm, Nomad, k8s
Bash, Python
AWS CDK, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, Serverless
Ubuntu, Proxmox, ZFS, LVM, Networking, LXC
Express, NodeJS, NestJS


Vladimir state university

Sep 2010 - Jul 2014
Bachelor Sociology


Russian: Native speaker
English: Advanced (C1)